Yahoo Standard Emoticons and Smileys

Here we give you 20 most popular Yahoo Emoticons / Smileys:

Smiley code Smiley Meaning
:-) happy smiley Happy
:-)) very happy smiley Very happy
:-D big smile smiley Big smile
=)) rolling on the flor laughing smiley Rolling on the flor laughing
;-) winking smiley Winking
:-O surprise emoticon Surprise
:-P tongue sticking out smiley Tongue sticking out
:-(( crying smiley Crying
:-/ confused smiley Confused
X-( angry smiley Angry
:-? thinking smiley Thinking
:"> embarrassed smiley Embarrassed
:-B geek emoticon Geek
:-h bye smiley Bye
:-* kiss smiley Kiss
:-X in love smiley In love
>:D< big hug emoticon Big hug
:-S worried emoticon Worried
:-)] busy right now smiley Busy right now
B-) cool smiley Cool

That was top 20 standard emoticons but if you want to see all click here