Yahoo Hidden Emoticons and Smileys

See 20 most popular Yahoo Hidden Emoticons/Smileys:

Smiley code Smiley Meaning
>-) alien smiley Alien
>:/ come closer smiley Come closer
:-@ bla bla smiley Bla bla
\:D/ dancing smiley Dancing
:-?? I don't know smiley Don't know
b-( feeling beat up smiley Feeling beat up
:-L frustrated emoticon Frustrated
;)) hee hee emoticon Hee hee
*-:) have an idea smiley Have an idea
$-) money smiley Money
%-( not listen smiley Not listening
^:)^ you are the king smiley You are the man
:-j oh bye now smiley oh go now
:)>- peace emoticon Peace
[-O< praying smiley Praying
[-X no not good smiley No, not good
:o3 doggy emoticon Doggy
3:-O Cow smiley Cow
~O) coffee smiley Coffee
**== usa flag emoticon Usa flag

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