Word Animated Emoticons

You want to say something beautiful but not exaggerate in any kind of way? With this free word animated emoticons you can have that in animated situation for many type of phrases like brb, lol, buzz, bye, cool, good, hi and many others.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
arsed lol smiley Arsed Lol awesome smiley Awesome
be right back smiley Be Right Back beautiful smiley Beautiful
bored smiley Bored brb smiley Brb
brb 2 emoticon Brb 2 brb 3 smiley Brb 3
brb 4 smiley Brb 4 brb 5 smiley Brb 5
buzz smiley Buzz bye now emoticon Bye Now
bye smiley Bye call me love smiley Call Me Love
call me emoticon Call Me cheers emoticon Cheers
cool smiley Cool cool 2 smiley Cool 2
cool 3 smiley Cool 3 cool 4 smiley Cool 4
cool 5 emoticon Cool 5 cool 6 smiley Cool 6
etc... smiley etc... fine thanks smiley Fine Thanks
get to go emoticon Get to Go go arrow smiley Go Arrow
good smiley Good good 2 smiley Good 2
ha ha ha smiley Ha Ha Ha haha smiley Haha
happy birthday emoticon Happy Birthday hell no emoticon Hell No
hello smiley Hello hey ya emoticon Hey Ya
hey emoticon Hey hi emoticon Hi
hi 2 smiley Hi 2 hi 3 emoticon Hi 3
hot smiley Hot hot 2 emoticon Hot 2
hot 3 smiley Hot 3 how smiley How
i love you emoticon I Love You i'm crazy emoticon I'm Crazy
in flame brb emoticon In Flame Brb lmao smiley Lmao
lmao 2 smiley Lmao 2 lol smiley Lol
lol 2 smiley Lol 2 lol 3 emoticon Lol 3
lol 4 smiley Lol 4 lol 5 smiley Lol 5
lol 6 emoticon Lol 6 lol 7 smiley Lol 7
lol 8 smiley Lol 8 lol 9 emoticon Lol 9
lol 10 emoticon Lol 10 lol 11 emoticon Lol 11
lol 12 smiley Lol 12 lol 13 smiley Lol 13
lol 14 smiley Lol 14 lol 15 smiley Lol 15
lol 16 smiley Lol 16 lol 17 smiley Lol 17
make love no war smiley Make Love no War mate emoticon Mate
miss you emoticon Miss You oh smiley Oh
oi smiley Oi ok smiley Ok
ok 2 emoticon Ok 2 ok 3 smiley Ok 3
omg emoticon Omg pissed smiley Pissed
relax emoticon Relax sex smiley Sex
shag me smiley Shag me smile smiley Smile
thank you emoticon Thank You thanks smiley Thanks
thanks 2 emoticon Thanks 2 virus smiley Virus
What smiley What yes or no smiley Yes or No