Violent Animated Emoticons

The question can be why anybody need this emoticons. We said that this violent emoticons can be example how people will not suppose to be. Use this free emoticons to express sadness in this violent world and spread love instead of violence.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
angry soldier smiley Angry Soldier angry soldier 2 smiley Angry Soldier 2
army emoticon Army army 2 smiley Army 2
blow up his ass emoticon Blow up his ass blowing something smiley Blowing something
bomb shooter smiley Bomb Shooter boxin smiley Boxin
boxing champion smiley Boxing Champion branch punch emoticon Branch Punch
burried emoticon Burried chuck ball smiley Chuck Ball
explode emoticon Explode Emoticon fight against darth vader smiley Fight against Darth Vader
worms prod smiley Worms Prod hammer punch emoticon Hammer Punch
hang up emoticon Hang Up knife in head smiley Knife in Head
laser shooters smiley Laser Shooters ligth sabre fight smiley Ligth Sabre Fight
microwave emoticon Microwave murdering smiley Murdering
ninja smiley Ninja knockdown smiley Knockdown
practice in wall smiley Practice in Wall punch with his violin smiley Punch with his Violin
rambo smiley Rambo samurai smiley Samurai
shoot in wall smiley Shoot in Wall spank man smiley Spank man
sumo smiley Sumo sword duel emoticon Sword Duel
trout kick smiley Trout Kick wall shooting smiley Wall Shooting
want to shoot something smiley Want to Shoot Something whiping smiley Whiping
wizard eat smiley Wizard Eat