Sign Emoticons

If you don't want to write some sign that is often like bye, hello, why, miss you etc. use signs and make your statement little better to look. See how talk with your friend can be different in positive way by putting this free sign emoticons into your conversation.

Emoticon Meaning Emoticon Meaning
hi emoticon Hi u suck emoticon U suck
need you smiley Need you love you smiley Love you
love you too smiley love you too my heart emoticon My heart
hate you smiley Hate you good smiley Good
bad smiley Bad bye smiley Bye
What smiley What xclaim smiley Xclaim
sh*t emoticon sh*t miss you emoticon Miss you
yes smiley Yes no smiley No
ok smiley Ok see ya smiley See ya
to be continue smiley To be continue What smiley What
lol smiley Lol ha ha emoticon Ha ha
hmmmm smiley Hmmmm pffff emoticon Pffff
oh oh smiley Oh oh colored lol emoticon Colored lol
stop boring me smiley Stop boring me very hot smiley Very hot
question mark emoticon Question mark sleep mark smiley Sleep mark