Nice Weird Animated Emoticons

This free emoticons are specific one. This is weird but nice animated emoticons because they are very different than any other one. This emoticons are rare but nice and with it you will shown that you are one of the uniques.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
big smiley Big smiley blushing girl smiley Blushing girl
blushing smiley Blushing cool smiley Cool
don't know smiley Don't know crying triangle smiley Crying
girl smiley Girl in love smiley In love
mad emoticon Mad oh triangle emoticon Oh
sad triangle smiley Sad singing emoticon Smoking
sleepy smiley Sleepy surprised smiley Surprised
too much coffee smiley Too much coffee triangle angel smiley Triangle Angel
triangle devil smiley Triangle devil good smiley Good
smile smiley Smile sick smiley Sick
watch this smiley Watch this why smiley Why
winking smiley Winking wow smiley Wow