Mood Animated Emoticons

You are in bad, happy, sad, crying, angry, scared, sick, laughting or any other mood? Each person have good and bad days so this free animated emoticons is best way to show people your mood on particular day.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
stop here smiley Stop here argue emoticon Argue
angry argue emoticon Angry argue beta emoticon Beta
big wink smiley Big wink big surprise smiley Big surprise
blahblah smiley Blahblah bleh smiley Bleh
bomb emoticon Bomb boring emoticon Boring
tongue out emoticon Tongue out I will miss you smiley I'll miss you
bye smiley Bye chair smiley Chair
confused smiley Confused cry smiley Cry
crazy emoticon Crazy dont know smiley Don't know
doh smiley Doh drool smiley Drool
i dont know emoticon I dont know fan emoticon Fan
fever smiley Fever scared smiley Scared
love me or not love me ... smiley Love me or not love me ... good smiley Good
lolabove smiley Lol above Goofy smiley Goofy
gossip smiley Gossip hah smiley Hah
haha smiley Haha hammer smiley Hammer
hands emoticon Pray hehe smiley Hehe
help emoticon Help hello smiley Hello
hi emoticon Hi hypno smiley Hypno
too funny smiley Too funny sick smiley Sick
hilarious smiley Hilarious lighten smiley Lighten
dont care smiley Don't care bouncing smiley Bouncing
crazy bouncing smiley Crazy bouncing laughing smiley Laughing
sleeping smiley Sleeping licklips smiley Licklips