Love Animated Emoticons

Do you have feeling for someone? You don't know how to express you love for someone properly? With this free animated emoticons you will show your dearest person that you are not only good and kind person but romantic person too. Give your heart to someone that you love and respect.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
blushing smiley Blushing cheekkiss smiley Cheekkiss
distance kiss smiley Distance Kiss everywhere is love smiley Everywhere is Love
flowers for you smiley Flowers for You heart beating emoticon Heart Beating
hug emoticon Hug in love heart smiley In Love Heart
kiss in hand smiley Kiss in Hand loveletter smiley Love Letter
marriage kiss smiley Marriage Kiss married couple smiley Married Couple
shy smiley Shy simply love smiley Simply Love
bring love heart smiley Bring Love Heart broken heart emoticon Broken Heart
butterfly heart smiley Butterfly Heart candy heart smiley Candy Heart
devil heart smiley Devil Heart disco heart smiley Disco Heart
french kiss emoticon French Kiss gleam heart smiley Gleam Heart
happy valentine day smiley Happy Valentine Day heart beat for you smiley Heart Beat for You
heart with wings emoticon Heart with Wings hearts smiley Hearts
i love you 2 smiley I Love You 2 i love you sign smiley I Love You Sign
i need you smiley I Need You kiss for you smiley Kiss for You
lips kiss emoticon Lips Kiss love in a box smiley Love in a Box
love in box smiley Love in Box love in one letter smiley Love in One Letter
love letter smiley Love Letter love with all my heart smiley Love with All My Heart
love you smiley Love You making love emoticon Making Love
many colored heart smiley Many Colored Heart pink love you smiley Pink Love You
real kiss smiley Real Kiss shine heart smiley Shine Heart
signals to you smiley Signals to You spinning heart smiley Spinning Heart
sweet love smiley Sweet Love teddy loves you smiley Teddy Loves You
two in love smiley Two in Love wish come true smiley Wish come True
written heart smiley Written Heart