Japanese Emoticons

There is not only Western Emoticons that we also call usual emoticons, but there is also Japanese Emoticons. Before showing you those free emoticons we will explain difference between Japanese and Western Emoticons:

- Main difference is in reading it, Western emoticons are read horizontal from left to right (example: :-) ), and Japanese emoticons are read vertical, from up to down (example: (^_^) ).
- Also Japanese emoticons have more variations and they are larger in number than Western ones (reason of that can be in size; Japanese letters size are 2 bytes and Western letters size is 1 byte).
- Reason of large number of variations in Japanese emoticons can be also large number of expressing on funny way that is also used in their comics.
- This Japanese emoticons are very often used in emails on Japanese language.

Here is the list of most used Japanese Emoticons:

Emoticon Meaning
(n_n) Smile
(._.) Little sad face
(-__-) Sleepy
(;_;) Crying in tears
(^_^) Happy
(¬_¬) Angry
(^o^) Satisfied
*(^O^)* Lot of happiness
(>_<) Wrong
(*^*) Surprised
(O_O) Amazed
(@_@) Headache
(X_X) Dead
(¬_¬") Furious
(=_=) Bored
(*-*) In love eyes
(!__!) Sad
(=_=) Bored
(o_O) Crazy eyes
(*O*) Incredible
(p_q) Confused
(o_o) Astonished
(;O;) Big cry
(_O_) Too bad
(.O.') Perplexed
(-_-;) To be sorry...
('_') Big surprise
(?_?) Unpleasant surprise
('O') Singing
m(_ _)m Give up
(/_\) Piteous
(=^_^=) Little kittie
(u_u) Sad eyes
(ú_ú) Not in a mood
(>x Cursing
(ñ_ñ) Evil smile
(Y_Y) Big sadness
($_$) See only money
(ò_ó) Mad
(?_?) In love
(>O<) Ouch
(-_o) Winking
8(>_<)8 Jealous
(ô_ô) Stunning look
(z_z) Sleepy
(9_9) Insomnia
(6.6) Feint
(~o~) Mad and crazy
(^_^)/~~ Bye
(ToT)/~~~ Say goodbye
(;_;)/~~~ Goodbye in tears
(^-^)V Happy cause of victory
p(^^)q Wish you good luck
(#_#) Beaten up
\(^o\) (/o^)/ Dancing on the floor
(n///n) Shy person
(o|o) Little surprise
(U_U) Sorry
(.-.) In shock
^(*-*)^ Hands up
(^-^)b Congratulations
\(*O*)/ Great
(^^)// Cheering
((((((^_^;) Running
(^o^)y Peace for all
(>.<) Angry mood
($v$) Greedy
(-.-)zzzzz Asleep
(~_^) Weird wink
( L_____L ) ~zzz Sleeping
(ò_ô) Cannot believe
(¬_¬) You wish...