Gtalk Emoticons

Gtalk Emoticons are emoticons that are used for conversation in Gtalk messenger. This free emoticons are made on simple base to adapt Gtalk messenger interface. This emoticons are written in simple way and have simple meaning.

This emoticons are made to rotate themselves in Gtalk messenger. Too check more about this visit Gtalk emoticons home page

Smiley code Smiley Meaning
X-( angry smiley Angry
;^) big nose wink smiley Big Nose Wink
=) big smile smiley Big Smile
B-) cool smiley Cool
:'( crying smiley Crying
:-D big happy laugh smiley Big Happy Laugh
:D grin smiley Grin
:-) happy smiley Happy
<3 heart smiley Heart
:(|) monkey smiley Monkey
\m/ rock out emoticon Rock Out
:( sad emoticon Sad
:-o shocked smiley Shocked
:-/ skeptical smiley Skeptical
=) smile smiley Smile
:-| straight face emoticon Straight Face
:P tongue out emoticon Tongue Out
;) wink emoticon wink