Food and Drink Animated Emoticons

Are you eat or drink something at the moment? Show it to your buddy and make him hungry and thirsty with this great free animated emoticons.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
apple smiley Apple banana smiley Banana
bananas smiley Bananas bean smiley Bean
beer emoticon Beer birthday cake smiley Birthday Cake
birthday cake 2 emoticon Birthday Cake 2 break egg smiley Break Egg
choclate emoticon Choclate burger smiley Burger
cheese emoticon Cheese cherrie smiley Cherrie
coctail emoticon Coctail donut smiley Donut
fruit smiley Fruit grape fruit smiley Grape Fruit
green happy banana smiley Green Happy Banana ice cream smiley Ice Cream
icecream smiley Icecream pie smiley Pie
red chillie emoticon Red Chillie strawberry emoticon Strawberry
turkey smiley Turkey whitewine smiley White Wine