Email Communication Emoticons

If you want to write email, use this free emoticons to express yourself easily. This emoticons are easy to write and to remember so we will show you all emoticons that are often use in email communication. If you don't want to learn it write it down because it can be important part of your letter.

Email Emoticon Meaning
:-) Happy face
:-D Smile
|-) Big happy face
|-D Big laugh
:-> Just smile
;-) Wink
:'-) Crying
'-) Just kidding
;-> Devilish wink
:*) Clowning
:-T Straight Face
:^D Pleasant surprise
8-] Big surprise
:-o Just surprise
^5 High five
^ Good job
(::()::) Offering Help or Support
:-( Frowning
:( Sad
:-c Unhappy
:-C Really unhappy
&-| Started to cry
:'-( Crying
:-| Grim
:-[ Pouting
\_/ Empty glass
>:-< Angry Face
:-@ Angry
:-V Shouting
:-P Sticking tongue out
:-& Tonguetied
:-S Confused
:-\ Undecided
:-I Straight face
:-# Don't know anything
:-Y Quiet aside
:-W Speaking on side
:( ) Can't stop talking
:~/ Mixed up feelings
%-) Brain blockade
(:I Egg head
<:-I Dunce cap
=:-) Horse head
:-] Undecided smiley
|-O Yawning
|-I Asleep
:-6 Exhausted
:> Incredulous
:-/ Skeptical
8-O Big surprise
:-C Totally unbelieving
:* Many kisses
:-X French kiss
:-x Lips kiss
:-{} Blow kiss
[] Hugging
(( )):** Hugs and kisses