Easter Emoticons

Easter is coming but also free emoticons too... You want to show friends that you celebrating easter time with your familiy... Show them many different eggs that are main symbol of easter and share it with your buddies. Let everybody know your joyful easter mood.

Emoticon Meaning Emoticon Meaning
happy smiley Happy big smile smiley Big smile
hypnotized emoticon Hypnotized confused smiley Confused
surprised smiley Surprised teeth smile smiley Teeth smile
don't know smiley Don't know mad emoticon Mad
pleasant surprise emoticon Pleasant surprise sad emoticon Sad
smiley Smiley devastated smiley Devastated
smoking smiley Smoking unhappy smiley Unhappy
sad thinking smiley Sad thinking broken heart emoticon Broken heart
angry smiley Angry What smiley What?
cool smiley Cool close mouth emoticon Close mouth
smile from ear to ear smiley Smile from ear to ear being kicked emoticon Being kicked
In a bad mood smiley In a bad mood very angry smiley Very angry
sleeping smiley Sleeping crazy emoticon Crazy
crying smiley Crying evil thoughts emoticon Evil thoughts
sick smiley Sick little chick in egg emoticon Little chick in egg
green egg smiley Green egg blue egg smiley Blue egg
orange egg emoticon Orange egg grey egg smiley Grey egg
yellow egg smiley Yellow egg