Easter Animated Emoticons

Easter is coming to your town? Do you want to make your easter happier on your messenger? If you do use this pretty free easter emoticons to show your easter spirit to all your buddies on your favorite messenger.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
bunny and chicken friends smiley Bunny and Chicken Friends bunny writting a decoration on egg smiley Bunny Writting a Decoration on Egg
easter bunny smile smiley Easter Bunny Smile easter bunny with an egg emoticon Easter Bunny with an Egg
easter eggs in a basket smiley Easter Eggs in a Basket easter happiness smiley Easter Happiness
eggs changing color emoticon Eggs Changing Color happy bunny emoticon Happy Bunny
happy easter egg emoticon Happy Easter Egg little chicken from egg emoticon Little Chicken from Egg
painting eggs smiley Painting Eggs pulsate easter egg emoticon Pulsate Easter Egg
smiley behind egg Smiley Behind Egg smiley bunny Smiley Bunny
smiley in easter bunny Smiley in Easter Bunny winking easter egg smiley Winking Easter Egg
wish you happy easter smiley Wish you Happy Easter