Drinking Animated Emoticons

Do you want to remember of something that happened a while ago with your buddies? Day when you all drink too much but it was good time... Try this free Drinking Animated Emoticons and remember all good time that you had with your buddies.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
beer chug smiley Beer Chug beer jumper smiley Beer Jumper
cheers emoticon Cheers cheers 2 smiley Cheers 2
drink wisky with ice emoticon Drink Wisky with Ice drinking all the time smiley Drinking all the time
drinking cofee smiley Drinking Coffee drinking too much emoticon Drinking Too Much
drinking wine smiley Drinking Wine drunk drinker emoticon Drunk Drinker
gluging smiley Gluging gulp emoticon Gulp
happy drink smiley Happy Drink looking for more tequila smiley Looking for more tequila
pepsi drinker emoticon Pepsi Drinker wine drinker smiley Wine Drinker