Dancing Animated Emoticons

If you want everyone to see that you are really dancing person, with this free emoticons you can show all kind of dance skills, from crazy dance to just normal one.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
cool chicken dance smiley Cool Chicken Dance cow dance emoticon Cow Dance
dance cat smiley Dance Cat dance guy smiley Dance Guy
dance mouse smiley Dance Mouse dancer smiley Dancer
dancing monkey smiley Dancing Monkey dancing pink elephant smiley Dancing Pink Elephant
drunk cow smiley Drunk Cow dancing hamster smiley Dancing Hamster
happy dance penguin smiley Happy Dance Penguin happy dancing smiley Happy Dancing
dancing jerry smiley Dancing Jerry mouse dance smiley Mouse Dance
penguin dance emoticon Penguin Dance tree thing dance smiley Tree Thing Dance
weird monkey dance smiley Weird Monkey Dance