Cute Animated Emoticons

Use this free cute animated emoticons for expressing your cute side and to show your buddy that you are really cute person that is really careful and gentile.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
all faces smile smiley All Faces Smile baby kiss emoticon Baby Kiss
bamby rabbit smiley Bamby Rabbit cheerleader smiley Cheerleader
clumsy blue dog emoticon Clumsy Blue Dog yaping dog smiley Yaping Dog
cute hedgehog smiley Cute Hedgehog daisy emoticon Daisy
dog smile smiley Dog Smile funny guy smiley Funny Guy
funny monkey emoticon Funny Monkey hillarious emoticon Hillarious
mini me the man emoticon Mini Me the Man panda moves smiley Panda Moves
penguin emoticon Penguin samba the lion king smiley Samba the Lion King
waving cat emoticon Waving Cat