Cartoon Animated Emoticons

Do you like cartoon characters? Do you think that you will show yourself as cute person? If you do try this free cartoon animated emoticons that show different cartoon heroes in movement positions. Just try and you will not be disappointed.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
alien bye smiley Alien Bye alien hello smiley Alien Hello
alien i love you smiley Alien I Love You alien no way smiley Alien No Way
in love alien smiley In Love Alien angry mickey emoticon Angry Mickey
angry taz emoticon Angry Taz apu no english smiley Apu
arab dance smiley Arab Dance baby pooh smiley Baby Pooh
baby smiley Baby badger dance emoticon Badger Dance
bart on skate smiley Bart on Skate beer emoticon Beer
bug dance smiley Bug Dance bugs bunny training smiley Bugs Bunny Training
bugs bunny emoticon Bugs Bunny burns excellent smiley Burns Excellent
cactus run smiley Cactus Run crashback smiley Crashback
crawl homer smiley Crawl Homer creature thumbs smiley Creature Thumbs
crying friend smiley Crying Friend daddy smurf smiley Daddy Smurf
devil dance smiley Devil Dance dexter smiley Dexter
donald duck dance smiley Donald Duck Dance donald duck paint emoticon Donald Duck Paint
donkey kong emoticon Donkey Kong drunk homer smiley Drunk Homer
elmo dance smiley Elmo Dance flower smiley Flower
gary smiley Gary girl smiley Girl
Goofy smiley Goofy green friend smiley Green Friend
hawaii cartman smiley Hawaii Cartman homer simpson smiley Homer Simpson
homi smiley Homi angry cartman smiley Angry Cartman
japanese cartoon emoticon Japanese Cartoon japanese cartoon 2 smiley Japanese Cartoon 2
you kill kenny smiley You Kill Kenny karate boy smiley Karate Boy
kenny smiley Kenny krusty smiley Krusty
kyle smiley Kyle laa laa smiley Laa Laa
laugh mickey emoticon Laugh Mickey lisa saxofon smiley Lisa Saxofon
little mickey mouse smiley Little Mickey Mouse luigi smiley Luigi
matrix smiley Matrix mickey in heaven emoticon Mickey in Heaven
mickey mouse emoticon Mickey Mouse ninja turtle smiley Ninja Turtle
one friend smiley One Friend pikachu smiley Pikachu
po smiley Po pooh smiley Pooh
princess emoticon Princess second friend smiley Second Friend
singing cartman smiley Singing Cartman smurf emoticon Smurf
spiderman smiley Spiderman spin taz smiley Spin Taz
sponge bob smiley Sponge Bob sponge bob wave emoticon Sponge Bob Wave
squid emoticon Squid squid wink smiley Squid Wink
stan smiley Stan sumo smiley Sumo
super mario bros emoticon Super Mario Bros tinki winki emoticon Tinki Winki
winnie smiley Winnie tweety sleeping smiley Tweety Sleeping
tweety emoticon Tweety uhhh homer emoticon Uhhh Homer
winnie the pooh emoticon Winnie the Pooh