Blue Emoticons

Blue and triangle emoticons are very special. Use it for free to express very direct feelings. They are very explicit and very cute because they are different than other normal emoticons. Try it to use for explicit expression of any word you want.

Emoticon Meaning Emoticon Meaning
angry smiley Angry big smile smiley Big smile
blue angel emoticon Angel blushing blue smiley Blushing
cool blue smiley Cool crying blue smiley Crying
don't know blue emoticon Don't know in love blue smiley In love
injured blue smiley Injured love you smiley Love you
mad blue smiley Mad sad blue smiley Sad
sick smiley Sick singing emoticon Singing
speechless smiley Speechless surprised smiley Surprised
tongue out emoticon Tongue out very mad smiley Very mad
wet smiley Wet winking smiley Winking
mouth shut smiley Mouth Shut surprised smiley Surprised
very tired smiley Very Tired um face emoticon Ummm Face
cry 1 smiley Cry 1 cry 2 smiley Cry 2
cry 3 smiley Cry 3 cry 4 emoticon Cry 4
mean plan smiley Mean Plan in clouds emoticon In Clouds
happy smiley Happy sad emoticon Sad
winking smiley Winking tongue smiley Tongue
teeth smile smiley Teeth Smile happy smiley Happy
swet emoticon Swet bad mood smiley Bad Mood
very mad smiley Very Mad hypnotized emoticon Hypnotized
relaxed emoticon Relaxed in love smiley In Love
very sad smiley Very Sad tounge smile smiley Tounge Smile
praying smiley Praying crying smiley Crying
confused smiley Confused blushing smiley Blushing
thinking about smiley Thinking about sick smiley Sick
bye smiley Bye in love smiley In love
sleepy smiley Sleepy don't tell anyone smiley Don't tell anyone
crazy eyes smiley Crazy eyes don't know smiley Don't know
punched smiley Punched very happy smiley Very happy