Animal Emoticons

If you have a pet or you want to express emotions about particular pet then send this free animal emoticons of this cute little animal that will capture everybody heart. Your friend can see that you are animal lover and very good and nice person.

Emoticon Meaning Emoticon Meaning
llama emoticon Llama cartoon cat emoticon Cartoon cat
chocolate cat smiley Chocolate cat cute rabbit emoticon Cute Rabbit
angry snake smiley Angry Snake crazy eyes fox smiley Crazy eyes fox
confused cat smiley Confused cat happy cat smiley Happy cat
kiwi bird smiley Kiwi bird wolf smiley Wolf
smiley sheep Smiley sheep cats in love smiley Cats in Love
rooster smiley Rooster very cool cat smiley Very Cool Cat
parrot smiley Parrot smiley pig Smiley pig
bunny head smiley Bunny Head snake emoticon Snake
dalmatian smiley Dalmatian gerbil smiley Gerbil
horse smiley Horse little frog smiley Little frog
shy monkey emoticon Shy Monkey chipmunk smiley Chipmunk
soob emoticon Soob weasel emoticon Weasel
ant emoticon Ant little bear smiley Little bear
cat and smiley Cat and Smiley cats emoticon Cats
yellow parrot emoticon Yellow Parrot white doggy smiley White Doggy
brown doggy smiley Brown Doggy gorilla smiley Gorilla
kiwi bird smiley Kiwi Bird