Animal Animated Emoticons

Do you like small cute animals in movement? Use for free this pretty animal animated emoticons and they will speak for you very easily. They will show that you are cute and careful person.

Animated emoticon Meaning Animated emoticon Meaning
little yellow cat smiley Little Yellow Cat baby monkey smiley Baby Monkey
big tongue frog smiley Big Tongue Frog frog showing tongue smiley Frog Showing Tongue
squirrel run smiley Squirrel Run birds in love smiley Birds in Love
hamster smiley Hamster horse in movement smiley Horse in Movement
frog hiccough smiley Frog Hiccough frog king smiley Frog King
horse ride smiley Horse Ride lion smiley Lion
jumping blue frog smiley Jumping Blue Frog pink bunny smiley Pink bunny
pieuvre smiley Pieuvre koala and smiley Koala and Smiley
mouse emoticon Mouse leopard smiley Leopard
spider smiley Spider taz emoticon Taz
fish emoticon Fish monkey eating smiley Monkey Eating
piggy emoticon Piggy poison spider smiley Poison spider
running ram smiley Running Ram catty smiley Catty
shark emoticon Shark swimming frog smiley Swimming Frog
bunny smiley Bunny clumsy blue dog emoticon Clumsy Blue Dog
cow 1 emoticon Cow 1 cow 2 emoticon Cow 2
cow 3 smiley Cow 3 cow 4 smiley Cow 4
cow 5 emoticon Cow 5 spider walk smiley Spider Walk
cute hedgehog smiley Cute Hedgehog duck run smiley Duck Run
elephant smiley Elephant etoile smiley Etoile
frog eating bug smiley Frog Eating Bug gallxulo smiley Gallxulo
lobster emoticon Lobster moose run emoticon Moose Run
owl smiley Owl