Angel Emoticons

Are you little angel? Or you are trying to show yourself as an angel? Or maybe you try to laugh your friend by showing him that you are angel in that moment or situation? Express you feeling with free angel emoticons and show friends your funny side.

Emoticon Meaning Emoticon Meaning
bow angel smiley Bow Angel praying angel smiley Praying Angel
big wings angel smiley Big Wings Angel cupid smiley Cupid
double aureola smiley Double Aureola big smile smiley Big Smile
blue smiley Blue Angel fat angel smiley Fat Angel
like angel smiley Like Angel power girl 1 smiley Power Angel Girl 1
power girl 2 smiley Power Angel Girl 2 power girl 3 smiley Power Angel Girl 3
rose dress smiley Rose Dress grandpa smiley Grandpa
green smiley Green very little angel smiley Very Little Angel
hairy smiley Hairy hypocrite smiley Hypocrite
innocent smiley Innocent blue aureola smiley Blue Aureola
fairy emoticon Fairy little dark blue smiley Little Dark Blue
green thinking about smiley Green Thinking About nuisance smiley Nuisance Angel
smiley angel Smiley Angel xmas smiley Xmas
angel after life emoticon Angel After Life in angels mind smiley In Angels Mind
inconvenient angel smiley Inconvenient Angel nice angel smiley Nice Angel
orange angel smiley Orange Angel white angel smiley White Angel