Adult Emoticons

Adult emoticons are emoticons of adult guys and smileys with facial hairs, without teeth and others funny old guys. An adult emoticon will help you to impress and fun older boyfriends and even girlfriends.

Emoticon Meaning Emoticon Meaning
abraham simpsons smiley Abraham Simpson adult beard smiley Adult Beard
adult cowboy emoticon Adult Cowboy beard dude smiley Beard Dude
bold one smiley Bold One elvis the king smiley Elvis The King
eye glasses emoticon Adult guy with eye glasses facial hair guy smiley Facial Hair Guy
geek emoticon Geek grandpa smiley Grandpa
hairy guy emoticon Hairy Guy mustache smiley Mustache
smoking dude smiley Smoking Dude teethless smiley Teethless

Real Sex emoticons can serve only for people that are over 18 years old.