Activity Emoticons

Activity emoticons show which activity your are currently occupied. You can tell your friends what are you doing at the moment without writing any words in a very new fashion and free way. Very cool way of expressing your feelings.

Emoticon Meaning Emoticon Meaning
graduated smiley Graduated home sweet home smiley Home Sweet Home
beaten smiley Beaten very mad smiley Very Mad
in big tears smiley In Big Tears thinker emoticon Thinker
tired smiley Tired in love smiley In Love
drinker smiley Drinker juice drinker smiley Juice Drinker
sleeping smiley Sleeping farting smiley Farting
in doubt smiley In Doubt tear eye smiley Tear Eye
headphones emoticon Headphones the man smiley The Man
telephone talk smiley Telephone Talk cool but lazy emoticon Cool but Lazy
scared smiley Scared in big tears smiley In Big Tears
hello hand smiley Hello Hand falling down smiley Falling Down
lover smiley Lover coffee drinker emoticon Coffee Drinker
sir smiley Sir smiling smiley Smiling
after training emoticon After Training hypnotized emoticon Hypnotized
snowboy smiley Snowboy governer smiley Governer
china man smiley China Man