Funny Smileys & Emoticons. Free 3d funny smiley

Smile with your friends with free Funny Smileys which can show a new funny side of yours. To my mind, 'lick ice' is one of the best free funny emoticons as well as any other funny smiley in fact =)

Smiley Meaning Smiley Meaning
arrowed smiley Arrowed be polite smiley Be Polite
behave smiley Behave big laugh emoticon Big Laugh
bubble gum emoticon Bubble Gum capitulate smiley Capitulate
clubbing smiley Clubbing coffee smiley Coffee
crazy eyes smiley Crazy Eyes damn fly smiley Damn Fly
devil and angel with clubs smiley Devil and Angel with Clubs expressing love with club smiley Expressing Love with Club
frozen emoticon Frozen hammer punch emoticon Hammer Punch
happy jump emoticon Happy Jump high voltage smiley High Voltage
italian guy emoticon Italian Guy itching emoticon Itching
lick ice smiley Lick Ice moonie smiley Moonie
more crackers smiley More Crackers pick ear smiley Pick Ear
roling on the floor laughing smiley Roling on the Floor Laughing smiley fart Smiley Fart
stop glass smiley Stop Glass talk to the hand smiley Talk to the Hand
target practice emoticon Target Practice tongue out emoticon Tongue Out
try to fly smiley Try to Fly unbelieveble smiley Unbelieveble
vaccum emoticon Vaccum you are looser smiley You are Looser