3D Communication Smileys

3D Communication Smileys is perfect for putting smiley into some conversation so talk can be more informal and relax. Here you can see and download for free many communication smileys that can be of use for you. By the way, some of these are secret yahoo smileys.

Smiley Meaning Smiley Meaning
applause emoticon Applause big hug emoticon Big Hug
bla bla smiley Bla Bla bored smiley Bored
bye bye smiley Bye Bye call me emoticon Call Me
cheer up emoticon Cheer Up cheers emoticon Cheers
congrats smiley Congrats cool smiley Cool
good luck smiley Good Luck good morning smiley Good Morning
good night smiley Good Night hear ya smiley Hear Ya
hello, soldier smiley Hello, Soldier I don't know smiley I Don't Know
i hate you smiley I Hate You i know emoticon I Know
i like you smiley I Like You i love you too smiley I Love You Too
i love you emoticon I Love You i miss you emoticon I Miss You
i want you smiley I Want You i'm back smiley I'm Back
i'm mad as hell emoticon I'm Mad as Hell i'm so bored smiley I'm so Bored
i'm sorry emoticon I'm Sorry it's a beautiful thing smiley It's a Beautiful Thing
it's a boy smiley It's a Boy it's a girl emoticon It's a Girl
it's about time emoticon It's About Time it's all good smiley It's All Good
it's not fair emoticon It's Not Fair looser smiley Looser
no! smiley No! please smiley Please
pretty smile smiley Pretty Smile tell a secret smiley Tell a Secret
twins smiley Twins welcome home emoticon Welcome Home
whatever smiley Whatever why smiley Why
woohoo emoticon Woohoo yes smiley Yes
you are hot smiley You are Hot you are welcome smiley You are Welcome
you broke my heart smiley You Broke my Heart you go girl emoticon You Go Girl
you rock smiley You Rock