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What is Yahoo Messenger?

  • Yahoo Messenger is software that provides users to call other users for free.
  • You just have start downloading process and Yahoo Messenger will be auto install on your computer.
  • After downloading it sign up to open Yahoo account. After you get it use it to sign in.
  • You have also an option to view your Yahoo Profile.
  • If you don't want to use it anymore, you can always delete your delete Yahoo Account.

What are Yahoo Messenger main options?

  • YM main option is called Instant Messaging-this service enables you to send a quick message to your friend with high speed rate. That service is one of the most popular service on the Internet and it is also the easiest to use. Instant Messages sent with Yahoo Messenger appear on the desktop as soon as they are sent. You can also use it to share Instant Messages, pictures and other files with people who are signed on Windows Live Messenger.
  • With YM you can change your status (online, away, offline, etc.). If you send a message to friends who are offline they will get that message when they log back on. You can add your friends to your contact list. You can add a Windows Live Messenger friends and Instant Message with them.
  • YM, like MSN Live Messenger, enables you to recieve your messages via mobile device when you are offline (you can turn on that service by clicking in main window on Messenger->Sign in to Mobile Device or you can press Ctrl+Shift+D in messenger main window).

What are Yahoo Avatars?

  • Yahoo messenger avatars are pictures that are used on yahoo messenger.
  • Avatars are located on the right side of your yahoo chat window.
  • You can easily create your own avatar but if you prefer you can download it from the internet.
  • In msn messenger, windows live messenger that pictures are known as display pictures but their meaning is same.
  • Avatars are usually in dimensions 100x100.

How to install Yahoo Avatars?

  • Go to Yahoo Avatars, select one category and click one of them.
  • Select Yahoo Avatar you like, right click it with your mouse, click Save Image As... and save it to your Desktop.
  • In YM main window select Messenger->My Display Image->Share My Picture->Select->Browse then find picture that you have saved on your desktop and click on it and click ok. The picture becomes your Avatar.
  • You can even make your own Avatar here, try it and enjoy.
  • Go to the Yahoo Avatars to see details.

How to install Yahoo Skin?

  • Go to the Yahoo Skin, select one category and click one of them.
  • Download it to your Desktop and place it into Yahoo folder in your system (My Computer->Drive C:->Program Files->Yahoo->Shared->Graphics).
  • Now you can go to your YM main window and select Messenger->Change Skin and choose your skin that you have download before.

What are Yahoo Emoticons and how to use them?

  • Use Yahoo Emoticons to show your emoticons during Instant Message conversations.
  • Mainly, emoticons are line of characters that you can find on keyboard shortcut.
  • Emoticons can be used in e-mail, chat, SMS etc.
  • The most familiar emoticons is MSN and Yahoo Messenger Hidden Emoticons.
  • Beside Yahoo Messenger Emoticons, there is also Yahoo Messenger Hidden Emoticons that you won't find in emoticon menu and YM Hidden Emoticons that you can download and add it to your emoticon menu.
  • Also you can search for a big number of free smileys and emoticons.
  • Find all facebook emoticons and smileys on one place and enjoy with it.

What are other Yahoo Messenger options (beside Yahoo main options)?

  • YM provides you to use camera and to see the person you are talking (or IM) to. This option can be found in Yahoo Messenger main window (Messenger->My Webcam).
  • Every YM user can join in chat rooms depending on their interests and make a new friendships.

    • What is Yahoo Messenger Plug in and why is importaint to Yahoo users?

      • Yahoo Messenger Plug in is a JavaScript and C++ API that you use to create add-ons with many features that can run inside YM
      • This plug ins are run in the YM main window and is used in Instant Messaging conversations.
      • More informations about Yahoo Messenger plug in you can see here.
      • You can also download it here.

        • Which Yahoo Stuff is very useful to users?

            Yahoo Widgets

          • A very useful program used for editing your desktop, showing the weather forecast on your computer, tuning up your loudspeakers and many other useful stuff.
          • Yahoo Widget (10.7 Mb) also provides you to check your mail on faster way than usual.
          • If you like funny stuff, download it and enjoy.

          • Yahoo Mindset

          • Yahoo Mindset is a new idea, which provides you to filter your search results by your “mindset”.
          • It means that if you push the slider more left or right you will get stuff more related to your search results without looking at it.
          • If you want looking to buy something, you can push the slider towards the shopping end of the spectrum and you’ll see commercial results.
          • If you want to learn something you can push the slider towards the research end of the spectrum and you have the Wikipedia articles and other useful information at the top.
          • Try to move slider to see the difference.

          • Yahoo Local Events Browser

          • Here you can easily see the map of your town and you change your location by clicking on the city name. Default town is San Francisco.
          • The easiest way to see your town is to zoom out (-) the map. When you find your city zoom in in(+).

          • Yahoo Site Explorer

          • Web developers can browse around the Y! search the index for their site and see what is and is not being indexed.
          • If your web site isn't indexed very well you can use Yahoo Site Explorer to quickly scan through both lists. You can also, filter by omitting subdomains.
          • When you tipe your URL adress you can see how many of your pages and inlinks available.

          • Yahoo Answers

          • With Yahoo Answers you can ask questions about anything and you will get an answer from us.
          • The biggest difference between Yahoo Answers and regular forums is that Yahoo Answers have a huge number of categories where you can ask a question and get an answer.

          • Yahoo Buzz Index

          • You could find really interesting information about everything you want to know about everyday life of celebrities, for example.

          • Yahoo Farechase

          • This is one of the best ways to look for travel bargains online.
          • Just enter your flight or hotel and Farecase will search the most popular airline, hotel, and travel sites.

          • Yahoo Weather RSS

          • Get a detailed weather information via RSS.
          • It is great for web site developers to show the weather data on their site.

          • Yahoo Search On Mobile

          • Search and get local results (for example, a particular street in a town).
          • You just have to text message to Yahoo (92466) from your mobile phone and you will get you answer.

          • Yahoo Next

          • Very interesting site that contains whole Yahoo new products (the latest beta versions, etc.)