Skype Hidden Emoticons

Skype provide also their hidden emoticons that are very nice and most interesting of all other hidden emoticons (msn,yahoo...). As in other instant messengers, you need to type code into Skype messenger to see this great emoticons.

Emoticon Code Meaning
masked bandit smiley (bandit) Disguised bandit emoticon
bug emoticon (bug) Bug emoticon
drunk emoticon (drunk) Drunk emoticon with crazy eyes that drink too much
middle finger emoticon (finger) Showing a middle finger, do not use it too often because can mad your friends
fubar emoticon (fubar) Use this fubar emoticon when nothing can go the way you planed
headbang emoticon (headbang) Emoticon that smashing head in a wall; if you feel like you can smash your head like this just use this emoticon and keep your head on your neck
Squirrel emoticon (heidy) Squirrel emoticon; it presents Heidy, staff Skype member
monnie emoticon (mooning) Showing moonie emoticon; fun for you and your friends
myspace logo emoticon (myspace) Myspace logo emoticon
poolparty emoticon (poolparty) Poolparty emoticon
rock emoticon (rock) Be rocker as this emoticon
smoking emoticon (smoking) Smoking emoticons; smoke is bad for health and this little guy express it with his sad face
swear emoticon (swear) When you swear, you want to nobody hear you so use this emoticon if you don't want to anybody hear your swears
tmi smiley (tmi) TMI is short of too much information; you heard enough for today
toivo emoticon (toivo) Toivo is Skype engineer that is known for his dog so this picture show two of them

We advice you to download lastest version of Skype and you will be sure that this emoticons will work.

Also beside this great Skype emoticons, you can also find Skype hidden flags emoticons and download code for each one of them.